Shellac Nails – Do they really nail it?

When it comes to nail polish, Shellac is the latest tendency everyone is talking about in the beauty salons across the globe. But is it really such a big deal? What are its main pros and cons when compared to artificial nails? Here I’ll share my personal experience with Shellac nails, but in the end, it’s for you to try and see! […]

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How Nail Art Reflects Your Personality

Whenever I meet a person for the first time, I always look at their hands. I believe nails express how much you care about yourself, your lifestyle, your hobbies and so many other things about yourself! I wouldn’t date a guy who bites his nails or have them dirty. As for girls, I believe a proper care of nails is way more important than lipstick or eye makeup when it comes to attractiveness. Personally, I have my nail done since 2004, this is the one thing I will always find the money to have done 🙂 […]

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Top Tattoo Artists – Tattoos that Will Get You Inspired! (part 1)

Anyone can design a tattoo, just like anyone can draw a picture. But such as in our world there is only one Picasso, one Pollock and one only Frida Khalo, there are few tattoo designers which you can truly consider artists. Each of their designs is a unique, authentic expression of their creativity and talent. Here are five top tattoo artists you’d really like to know! […]

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Top Celebrity Tattoos of 2011

2011 is gone, but this year has left many stories to tell, and many tattoos to be remembered! They are recorded forever in the skin of the different celebrities that have had them done, but they are for all of us to admire… or to regret! Some are permanent, some of them are history, but created so much online gossip that deserve a place on our list. Come and see, these are the top five celebrity tattoos of the year 2011. […]

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White Ink Tattoos, And You Thought You’d Seen It All In Tattoos!

OMG! I cannot believe how amazing white ink tattoos are! I just discovered this new kind of tattoos, believe it or not, I had never heard about them before, but now I can’t wait to have my first white ink tattoo on my skin… I consider myself a real tattoo fan. I think I know a little bit about tattoos. However, these incredible tattoos are brand new to me. Therefore, I did a little research and here’s what I found out. […]

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Kat Von D Tattoos: Definitely, a keeper!

We all know tattoos last a lifetime, but even if they didn’t, we would always keep Kat Von D tattoos, since they are true works of art! Hers are the most original, exclusive designs, and everyone would like to wear them proudly on some visible place… at least, if everyone could afford them (but by then, they wouldn’t be so exclusive, would they?). In case you have been living in a bubble and you still don’t know who is Kat Von D, let’s just turn on the TV and watch! Ok, ok, don’t fetch for the remote, I’ll be a good girl and tell you LOL Kat Von D is a Mexican-American tattoo artist and a TV star. Kat Von D was born in Monterrey, Mexico, in March of 1982 (no need to do the maths, she’s 29, and yes, she’s one of the youngest tattoo artists that becomes world wide famous). Her actual name is Katherine Von Drachenberg and both her parents are Argentinean, but with German and Italian ascendance. Is all this ethnical mixture the reason for Kat Von D’s originality and artistic vision? Perhaps! […]

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